So to meat and potatoes (arroz y habichuelas in Puerto Rico)! These observations are purely facts (with a little in my opinion), and not in a particular order. Thanks for reading up to here! I’m sure you’ll enjoy the Rest. Of course, I must mention that I merged Europe, a continent consisting of 50 countries (depending on their political views), into a single entity, but I carefully selected things that I personally saw and experienced in at least a couple of different countries in Europe. So that should count for something, shouldn’t it?

  • Smoking
    I remember a time in the U.S. when they went to a Restaurant and they asked them, ” smoke or smoke?”Now everything is smoke-free. Most public places are smoke-free zones. As a non-smoker, I love that. The move to Europe, however, may not have been the wisest place for a non-smoker to be disturbed by the smell.

The Europeans smoke in Public, at home, or wherever you want. Admittedly, there are some places where you can see a smoking ban, but there are few places, especially if you want to visit the nightlife. And even if you don’t smoke in the house, at least three smokers will definitely sit right in front of the door of any non-smoking hotel. Europe seems to receive rhetoric “smoking is bad for it” and scientific evidence of it, somewhat later than in the US. However, I am aware that France has been aggressive about the issue and has achieved decent results.

  • To
    I can’t say with certainty that the European drivers are worse than the American. I can say that certain driving expectations are different and therefore affect the behaviour of the drivers. On European highways, for example, there are not all 12 miles of departures with food and gas options, as in the states. Or that the Americans come by on the right, but that’s blasphemy in Europe. Or that they can turn right into red in America, but that is illegal in Europe. And, my personal / least favorite, there are no highway cops, and every Ticket you receive will come from a (sometimes cleverly hidden) camera on the roadside, a bright white sense of guilt on you and ignites you complain the whole way home.
  • Eat
    The Americans are the undisputed Champions of food consumption. The food is cheap and accessible. The grocery store in the States is quite similar to a European grocery store, but just add two more grain lengths, a full chip Candy Soda Gang, three more organic stores, remove the wine and beer gang and Voila the stores are identical.

If you order a great meal in the states, expect in the Restaurants, what you have not eaten. In Europe, the rations are usually not large enough to have something to eat. However, if you want to take the food home, you may get confused looks and may go out empty.

  • Nature calls
    In America it is quite easy to find a toilet at a gas station or in a public place (except New York). In Europe, there are several countries where you charge for the use of toilets at petrol stations and in public places, but there are others who simply do not even offer a toilet. If you are used to not going before you leave the house in the states when you travel to Europe, I would not recommend this opportunity.
  • Customer service

  • We all knew it would come. Everyone in Europe (or Europeans who have visited the USA), don’t know that most of the European countries for their excellent customer service (* cough, cough * France & Germany * cough, cough *). Shoot, if you’ve ever seen or heard a movie about someone else talking about his trip to Europe, you probably knew that!

Poor customer service in Europe is one of those things that is not always as bad as it sounds, but it will surely happen to you at least once. just like in the USA! However, the differences are the motives and their recourse. In the US, customer service in Restaurants is exaggerated because waiters work for tip. This is not the case in Europe. Therefore, it is not crucial for a living to kiss her butt. Moreover, there is no Better Business Bureau in Europe. So if a bank employee or shopkeeper is rude to you, you just need to suck it off and stop shopping there.